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Commercial Vehicle Oil


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Castrol Passenger Car Engine Oil

Castrol EDGE Range

Castrol EDGE with Fluid TITANIUM transforms to be stronger under pressure and reduces friction to unlock true engine performance.


Castrol EDGE
0W-40 A3B4 – 4L


Castrol EDGE
5W-30 C3 – 4L


Castrol EDGE
5W-40 A3B4 – 4L


Castrol EDGE
10W-60 SN – 4L

Castrol MAGNATEC’s

Castrol MAGNATEC’s unique formulation protects from the moment you start, dramatically reducing engine wear.


0W-20 SN – 4L


5W-30 SN – 4L

10W-30 SN – 4L

10W-40 SNCF – 4L

Castrol GTX Range

Castrol GTX Double Action formula cleans away old sludge, while protecting against new sludge formation, better than tough industry standards.

Castrol GTX
15W-40 SNCF – 4L

Castrol GTX
10W-30 SN – 3L / 4L

Castrol GTX
20W-50 SLCF – 4L / 5L

Castrol Commercial Vehicle Engine Oil

Castrol VECTON

Castrol Vecton is an advanced heavy duty diesel engine oil formulated with unique System 5 Technology™ to provide up to 20% better engine performance*.

Castrol VECTON LONG DRAIN 10W-40 E4/E7 – 18L

Castrol VECTON 15W-40 CI-4/E7 – 18L

Castrol VECTON 15W-40 CH-4/E5 – 5L / 18L

Castrol VECTON 20W-50 CH-4 – 18L

Castrol VECTON FUEL SAVER 10W-40 CF – 5L / 18L

Castrol CRB

Castrol CRB diesel engine oil is designed to provide excellent protection, especially at high engine temperatures, ensuring longer engine life. It is designed for naturally aspirated diesel engine vehicles and is also suitable for use in tractors and agricultural equipment.

Castrol CRB MINI-TRUCK 15W-40 CH-4 – 5L / 18L

Castrol CRB TURBOMAX 15W-40 CH-4 – 5L / 18L

Castrol CRB 25W-50 CF – 5L / 18L

Castrol CRB 20W-40 CF – 5L / 18L

Castrol CRB 10W CF – 18L

Castrol CRB 30W CF – 18L

Castrol CRB MONO 40 CF – 18L

Castrol CRB MULTI 20W-50 CF – 18L

Industrial Oil

Application Product Series Description
Gear Oil Castrol Alpha SP Mineral Gear Oil
Castrol Optigear Synthetic X Synthetic Gear Oil
Castrol Tribol 800 Synthetic Gear Oil
Hydaulic Oil Castrol Hyspin AWS Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil
Castrol Hyspin HLP Zinc-free Hydraulic Oil
Castrol Hyspin ZZ Zinc-free Hydraulic Oil
Castrol AWH-M High VI Hydraulic Oil
Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil Castrol Anvol WG Water Glycol
Castrol Anvol SWXP Polyol Ester
Slideway Oil Castrol Magna SW Mineral Oil
Compressor Oil Castrol Aircol PD Mineral Oil
Turbine Oil Castrol Perfecto T Mineral Oil
Chain Oils Castrol Viscogen KLK 28 Ester Based
Heat Transfer Oil Castrol Perfecto HT 5 Mineral Oil
Grease Spheerol EPL 2 Lithium
Spheerol AP 3 Lithium
Castrol Tribol GR 100-2 PD Lithium
Inertox Heavy PTEE
Soluble Cutting Oil Castrol Almaredge B1 Mineral
Castrol Alusol B Semi-Synthetic
Castrol Hysol MB 50 55USG Semi-Synthetic
Castrol Syntilo 9902 Synthetic
Castrol Syntilo 9930 Synthetic
Neat Cutting Oil Castrol Honilo 981 Honing
Castrol Ilocut 154 General Machining
Castrol Ilocut 430 General Machining
Castrol Ilocut 480A General Machining
Castrol Ilocut 534 Drilling
Rust Preventives Castrol DWX Solvent-Based
Castrol Safecoat 66 Neat Oils

Castrol Speciality Lubricants

Automatic Transmission Fluids

Castrol Transmax CVT – 4L

Castrol Transmax Dexron – VI Mercon – LV – 1L / 4L

Castrol Transmax Multivehicle – 1L / 4L / 18L

Castrol ATF Dex III – 1L / 4L / 18L / 209L

Castrol ATF Dex II – 1L / 4L / 18L / 209L

Manual Transmission Fluids

Castrol Manual GL-4 80W-90, 85W-140 – 1L / 4L / 18L / 209L

Castrol Manual GL-4 90, 140 – 1L / 4L / 18L / 209L

Axle Oil

Castrol Axle Limited Slip 90 – 1L / 4L / 5L / 18L

Castrol Axle GL-5 80W-90, 85W-140 – 4L / 18L

Radiator Coolants

Castrol Radicool SF-0 – 10L

Castrol Radicool – 1L


Castrol High Temperature GREASE – 16kg

Castrol Moly GREASE – 18kg

Castrol LM GREASE 2 – 2kg / 16kg

Castrol SPHEEROL AP3 GREASE 2 – 2kg / 20kg

Castrol SPHEEROL EPL 2 GREASE – 20kg / 180kg

Brake Fluids

Castrol Brake Fluid DOT 4 – 0.5L / 1L

Castrol Brake Fluid DOT 3 – 0.5L / 1L

Speciality Products

Castrol Engine Shampoo – 0.3L

Castrol Battery Water – 1L